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When I was 13 my family began raising puppies for The Seeing Eye® - the oldest guide dog association in the US. "Kramer" is an animation inspired by the events of raising our 5th dog - also a golden retriever named Kramer. Created entirely in After Effects using masks and animated masks, I chose this story as my MFA thesis in hopes to inform and inspire others to welcome such puppies into their homes.
At this time - summer of 2020 - we are currently raising puppy #13, a chocolate lab named Bosco.

Makings of

TMFF (The Monthly FF) -Finalist-  ---Glasgow, England---

   (May 2017)


Five Continents IFF (FICOCC)  ---Venezuela---

   (May 29, 2017)


Feel the Reel IFF -Finalist-  ---Glasgow, England---

   (May 31, 2017)


Reel 2 Reel Student FF  ---Burlington NC, USA---

   (June 3, 2017)


Roma Cinema DOC  ---Rome, Italy---

   (June 5, 2017)


Miami Independent FF (Mindie)  ---Miami FL, USA---

   (July 7, 2017)


Golden Bridge IFF  ---Moscow, Russia---

   (February 10, 2018)


Family Film Festival  ---Utah, USA---

   (July 21, 2017)


Bucharest Shortcut CineFest  -Nominee- ---Romania---

   (July 23, 2017)


Cartoon Club International FF  ---Rimini, Italy---

   (July 17, 2017)

Lake View International FF  -WINNER- ---India---    

   (Oct 10, 2017)


Atlantic City Cinefest  ---Atlantic City, NJ, USA---

   (Oct 15, 2017)


Sandpoint Film Festival  ---Sandpoint, Idaho, USA---

   (Nov 4, 2017)


Los Angeles CineFest  -Semi-Finalist- ---Los Angels, CA, USA--

   (Jan 14, 2018)

Berlin Lift-Off Online Festival   ---Online--

   (Feb 5, 2018)

Hollywood Screenings Film Festival  -Semi-Finalist- ---Hollywood, CA, USA--

   (Mar 11, 2018)

Film Festivals

Official Selections

Created as final Thesis while at Pratt Institute for MFA in Digital Art - Animation. 
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