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Puzzle Piece

Inspired by the poem Picture Puzzle Piece by Shel Silverstein, Pepper finds a lonely puzzle piece that, when touched, transports her to different worlds. However, during her adventures she runs into a world that has been corrupted and the master is set on corrupting her as well.
To create this animation , each world is set in a different animation style. Learn more about the process by clicking on the poster and reading the blog.

Starburst International Film Festival ---Manchester, UK---

   (Aug 26-28, 2016)


International Monthly Film Festival -FINALIST- ---Copenhagen, Denmark---

   (Aug 2016)


The Monthly Film Festival ---Glasgrow UK---

   (Sep 2016)


Barcelona Planet Film Festival ---Barcelona Spain---

   (Sep 2016)

IndieWise FREE Virtural Festival ---Online---

   (Sep 2016)


London Golden Scout ---London UK---

   (Autumn 2016)

St. Francis College Women's Film Festival ---Brooklyn, NY---

   (March 28-29, 2017)


Hollywood Screenings Film Festival -SEMI-FINALIST-

   (Mar 11-12, 2017)

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